South of France Woman


Reminisce is a dreamy way of saying "remember the past."  These shirts are just this very thing.

BONBON wearable art shirts  are a collage of photographs and sketches from my journal  from this trip I once walked into “The south of France Marseilles, 6 Years ago.’’

I have played with the colour pink for almost 6 years now. I caught this colour in the south of France, Marseilles when my adventurous friend would take me hiking in the dusty cliffs in the late afternoons to watch the sunsets. There is something about the colours the earth radiates when the sun moves about the skies and shines the summer tones on the earth. From this very sky beam motion I picked up my palettes and created from this inspired ever changing radiance. The pink archeologist design, the words that filled my lungs to sing Melodie’s around wonder awe and delight whilst seeing the views going largely beyond me. 

Whilst The dust on my Birkenstock toes gave me ideas to create with dust effects, layering my art kept growing and evolving on how to create such a feel. The constant changes in colour pink shades was like melted pink and Caramel ice cream flavours all around me, I deep down found so much joy in these colours and new this was what I’d be painting, when I got home. Today I am now bringing these moments to life not just on canvas but now on wearable art. Bon Bon Shirts. 


‘’Every piece is cut, ironed and sewn by hand and I’ve had the privilege to be involved in the process of making these shirts come to life. Each shirt has been carefully thought of from the choice of fabric, trims, the way the shirt drapes and moves with the body and the unique collage placements of Bonnie’s photographs. 

As a result, we chose a beautiful organic poplin for its softness and strong ability to hold its structure
in which we embraced through the oversize silhouette of the shirts - allowing a lot of movement and flexibility for the body and ensuring there is always room to play and dance in.

The shirts are printed locally in Melbourne and offer two colourway options - ginger and white. Both
printed with Bonnie’s collages of captured moments in time and place - something that is very special
about these shirts. It carries layers of stories from Bonnie’s journals to my own personal journey of
sewing the pieces and now being shared to you all to experience and cherish these works of art.