De Marguerite a Rose


I journeyed to Paris four years ago, leaving behind the familiar
comforts of Australia with just a suitcase, sketch book, camera and a
clouded mind of ‘’What is this secure process of girl becoming
woman?’’ Motivated by curiosity and a quest for deeper
understanding, I set out to explore the intricate layers of
womanhood—the transition from girl to woman, meeting both the
inner landscape of identity and the beauty of the outer world, the
physical landscape. How to be apart of this miraculous life in greater
security, love and wisdom and not being apart of this world with a
sense of lack, fear and timidity.
So I walked Paris without taking one bit of transport. I made a pact I
would walk everywhere. I sketched, journaled and with my camera, I
stopped all kinds of women to document them and ask them
questions about their beauty.
‘’Excuse me’’ I would start,
‘’Do you speak English?’’ and with pinched fingers like a measuring
tape. They would respond, ‘’Only a little bit.’’
‘’You are beautiful, and I’d love to take a photo of you and ask you
some questions?’’
The openness in Paris for the arts is so warm and welcoming. I had
no one reject this interaction. I met so many diverse women,
travellers, locals, and everyone was so honoured and bashful having
there photo taken, it was quite sweet. Many women asked to take me
out for coffee, or a meal , or a evening stroll with a ice cream in hand.
The purpose of this Parisian adventure began to awaken, this
unforeseen idea of being, hearing the story of identity; the mess, the
good, the harsh, the beautiful, it all began to grow elegantly. It was an
exciting invitation and I found purpose in this new discovery ‘’Identity
of Girl becoming woman.’’

I grew so much from this interaction of one to one woman moments.
The bridge that changed growth in me was when I would sit with
women and ask them questions. I found kindness wrapping its
wisdom in each question given out and it lead a beauty from their
hearts that brought such a radiance. I found myself in awe of each
encounter. Encouragement came again and again like prophetic birds
flying into our sentences with spacious songs, the conversations

began taking us to new heights of seeing, as we shared from humbled
places it then lead us to higher beautiful views and more healed
restored thinking.
What made this venture revelational, was the way I harshly would
show up for myself. Why was it that I could see the gold in others and
pull it out of them but I could not do this for myself? I came at life with
constant insecure questions, I felt a huge wave of grace, flow
throughout Paris. I can’t explain it but it felt like a kind heart was
conducting my footsteps to step right in front of the right women, in
front of stunning city sunsets, street artists, musicians, dancers,
statues of women holding swords, steps, seats, mirrors and flowers,
the constant quest that surrounded my heart was ‘’you are beautiful
Bon Bon, you are Beauty-full. ‘’I found myself sketching symbolism
and words, the great bowerbird collections that would soon be
painted. I had the question circulating inside me ‘’Why do you play
with the world with so much love but when you look at you, your only
resource is insecurity and lack?’’ I realised my questions when I
journaled and prayed out to the heavens there was so much fear and
lack. I had no idea at all what was in me, but I inquired and loved the
beauty of what was inside others?
Insecure thoughts lead us somewhere, we either grow the insecurity
by asking fearful questions and let the doubts make a home and call it
normal, or we simply ask the secure questions, what's the bridge of
truth that will lead me into greater strength, truth, revelation and the
greatest of all love? What is the reality of the beauty God designed in
me or in you? It’s there, there is so much there! And it's like no other. I
found so much reflection of negativity easy to succumb to. I found
myself more of a victim pretending I was victorious but it was simply a
lack of awareness of my beauty and my God-given strengths. Once
you know your beauty, you do live differently. You live a victorious
way that doesn’t overthink but profoundly knows the palette internally
is one in fullness, Beauty- full, fullness. I was so good at pulling this
out in others or relying on others affirmations that I didn’t know what
was inside me. It became quite a sacred journey, one that God with all
His kindness would show me through my search that He would inquire
kind questions to me and he would be the interviewer and bring the
gold out in me. 
This is when these words flowed onto my journals pages ‘’came

I hope it blesses you just as it blessed me.

De Marguerite a Rose

Captivating woman,
You are crossing from girl to woman, daisy to rose, from unsure to
from easily misguided to hope filled sights and purposed step
The wisdom you behold is far greater than any treasure the earth
You are a rose, look bellow your petals for there you will find much
more of your beauty lay, your thorns.
Do not deny them for they are sharp with purpose.  
Your thorns Are your depth, wisdom, clarity, dignity, truth, nobility and
honour. You have beheld your freely given inheritance to be all you.
How unapologetic is your perfumed presence, it is a content melody a
gift from heaven. 
All you is ‘’Beauty- Full’’. The creator of all things makes beautiful
things and you my dear are a beautiful rose. You have walked through
the dark caves of seasons hardships and shaped by the continual
contrast of rough and smooth sculpting. Look how much you have
grown my dear. Shake off the comparing blueprints and insecure
chantings. Step away from the overcompensating appearances you
so tirelessly feel the need to upkeep-  just be, my love, just be. 
Your life is being crowned with acceptance. What a new dance for you
arises what confidence in you is awakened. This is the very invitation
that knocks on the heart of every woman, your authentic beauty your
pure voice.  
You are Beauty- full
You truly are
It is your time to stop, receive and believe it for yourself. 
Much love and Colours Bon Bon
Bon voyage