Hi there, I'm Bonnie

With wonder and beauty in her heart pockets 
all she could do was create, paint, write and explore. 
Here are bon bons findings 
both the south of France Marseilles & the beauteous city ‘Paris’ 
All but a play ground she settled and rested within whilst bower birding all things of 
colour, revelations and anything that held the finger prints of beauty. 
"Stay here a little while dear bonbon’’
hold your heart open with a softness, humility curiosity & delight to behold 
what I gracefully reveal to your heart eyes.
 From there, all that  captivates you 
share these beauties with your wonder filled brush strokes, your words that string to melodies 
and all poetic forms of voice. 
Sing it like a fearless heart that is excited to share her gifts and findings 
on rolls of linen
 All but rest - seek- capture- create and share

The inspiration...

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