A new, Beauty-Full Pallet

The new palette oh what a new expression has come about. This journey started with the tension of growing- and growing up into a mature woman. From a girl to a lady. I packed up all my belongings and moved over to Paris. I had my 30th there, I leant into photography and came with this heart felt seek to understand the process of transitioning from girl to woman. The words kept springing into my being ‘’ from daisy to rose’’ there is beauty in both. Women struggle with growing- growing is found in time and ‘’age’’ is usually frowned which only has enabled insecurity. So how do we women cross over with two confident feet and heart strong and full of peace.  


So womanhood was my assignment – captured by interviewing the parisians- the travellers- and sipping coffee in cafes sketching, journaling and writing ‘’beauty-full’’ all about the dignity and wisdom women carry. Whilst feeling the tension of insecure systems and whys, expectations given or received as truth enabled me to find the sweet spot ‘’truth’’ and that to be honest was a challenge. 

The palette came from the sculptures- the tiles- the roads- the stunning architecture- you notice silver blue is her beauty- Paris its soft and pure- she dances like a cooling green- bluey and creamy brown like a water textured dance.  

Women are beauty- full  


With all these in mind the palette and message for both the south and the city has brought a message- a heart beat and a visual expression that in hope will bring truth and reminders to onlookers. 


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